Honeywell loves Rockwell, Rockwell loves Honeywell!

As a sort of aside, Peter Zornio mentioned one of the most important announcements (at least to me) of the day. He baldly stated that the C200, developed with partner Rockwell, will continue as a current product, and that Honeywell and Rockwell had agreed to continue their partnership for at least another decade. He mentioned that Honeywell's Jack Bolick and Rockwell's Steve Eisenbrown had signed a memorandum of agreement formalizing this continuation of their partnership. Bolick is smart, and so is Eisenbrown. HW and RW are far stronger together than apart. It appears that the days when longtime partners like Yamatake can be spurned like so much day old bread are gone. It is another key indicator that Honeywell is back. In addition, Zornio pointed out that C300 and C200 "play nicely together." They can run together on the same system.