Honeywell only makes big DCS for big customers--- NOT!

Zornio, after taking a much-needed break, returned with a very cool announcement...Experion Lite. Seriously, Honeywell introduced the HC900 Controller with Experion Vista. HC900 is a hybrid controller for process equipment that can be used as a standalone control system with up to five stations and 2000 points(shades of Foxboro nee Eurotherm A-squared, eh?) and which can be upgraded to full Experion PKS, and which supports C200/C300 devices. Honeywell is noticing that there are lots of customers who aren't Fortune 100 oil companies, or huge paper mills. This is a wise move, for several reasons. It also allows people who might want to consider Experion to "kick the tires" in a small, standalone application, and if it is as good as Zornio says, the HC900 will be selling a lot of Experion PKS systems.