How low can they go?

The price of PLCs has come down drastically over the past decade, but this is a first for me. With the basic starter price under $60, AutomationDirect has created a new PLC product line.

From the press release:

AutomationDirect has released the CLICK® PLC, the first in a new generation of inexpensive PLC components designed to offer practical features in an easy-to-use, compact yet expandable design. Starting at $69, this line of micro brick PLCs with stackable I/O modules and free programming software is suitable for first time users as well as experienced programmers.

By itself, a powered CLICK CPU unit can function as a complete PLC system. The unit features eight inputs and six outputs, available in four combinations of built-in I/O types. All Click CPUs support 8K steps of Flash EEPROM program memory and 8K words of data memory. All units also feature two built-in RS-232 RJ12 communication ports. Two 24 VDC power supply options, with either .5A or 1.3A outputs, can be used to power the PLC.

The CLICK PLC system's space-saving design requires no mounting base; up to eight modules can be attached to the CLICK CPU module via an integrated expansion port on the sides of the modules and secured by locking tabs on the top and bottom of all modules. Initially, eleven option modules, starting at $33, are available for an expanded system configuration, up to 142 I/O. CLICK features user-friendly programming software, downloadable for free at The tools, layout, and interactivity allow quick and intuitive program development. The 21 practical instructions, a combination of Relay ladder logic and Function blocks, are supported by a comprehensive programming environment with easy navigation and a familiar look and feel. In addition, an extensive online help file provides information to help users get acquainted with the software quickly.

To view detailed information on the CLICK PLC family, visit