How the Internet Has Changed How We Use Our Memories #pauto #mfg #manufacturing

Today I received an article from MediaPost in an email newsletter. The column was by Gord Hotchkiss, a specialist in Search Engine Optimization. What immediately caught my eye was the quote from Vannevar Bush out of an article he wrote for the Atlantic Monthly in 1945. The link to Bush's article is in Hotchkiss' column. Anybody who can quote from that column, in which Bush fairly accurately predicts the modern technology lifestyle, is worth reading, and Hotchkiss' essay is certainly no exception.

Hotchkiss' column is an essay on how we have changed in the way we use our memories, and what we remember, since the introduction of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and Google.

I recommend it as a thoughtful, and thought provoking essay, even if you don't care beans about search engine optimization.