I am not going to PCSF and here's why...(crossposted from Unfettered)

I need to be very clear about this. I am not attending PCSF next week because of the press of work here. I have a 100 page magazine to get out by Friday of next week, and we are significantly behind schedule. I sincerely regret not being able to be present. If anybody wants to share with me some of the presentations that will be given, I would be humbly grateful, because I think PCSF is, and always has been, an extremely useful conference where I learn things. I have never pretended to be a cybersecurity expert…I have messed about in control systems for my entire professional life. So I like talking to subject matter experts and sharing my knowledge in return for theirs. That’s what conferences like PCSF (and the recently passed ACS conference) do… And since I won’t be there, I judge myself the poorer for it. Walt Boyes