IBM and DOD and process automation converge

IBM and the Army have completed the testing phase of a solution embedded in military vehicles that wirelessly links with central commands and field units to not only let them know if there's a mechanical problem with the vehicle, but tell them what it is. This could really be a huge benefit toward improving operational efficiency and productivity because mechanics wouldn't have to jump out and "look under the hood" in the field of battle. Instead, they'll get a diagnosis and then decide whether they can continue or turn back for repairs. This can also keep help keep them out of harms way, when its possible. Additionally, the solution with let the field units and commands know if the vehicle is running low on gas or ammunition, thus speeding replenishment and potentially minimizing the time support teams are in harm's way. Sense and respond solutions go far beyond RFID tags, all the way into process and building automation. IBM is investing $250 million in Sensor and Actuator Solutions over the next five years. Will the wireless battlefield arrive before the wireless plant does? Tell me what you think. Walt