I'm running out of steam, but Zornio isn't..

Yes, he wasn't done yet. This was without a doubt the longest 92 minute talk (I was so amazed, I timed it) I've ever heard. It was like the philistine comment that one of Wagner's operas starts, and then four hours later, you get to Act 1. Except that the audience was hanging on every word Zornio said. A most amazing performance, especially when he made his entrance after the break dancing with an IPod Shuffle. I'm getting writer's cramp by now...I am on page 21 of my notes...in tiny handwriting on 3x5 cards...while Zornio is finally getting warmed up. He pointed out that Honeywell's commitment to .NET technology is fully enabled, with most of the business agility software and decision analysis tools being fully, or close to fully, converted to .NET web-based products, including Workcenter 211 and Business Flex 140. Zornio went on to describe Honeywell's new, or upcoming, enhancements in the MES and ERP space that connects the DCS to the enterprise. He pointed out that the .NET architecture vastly lowers lifecycle costs. Every so often, Zornio would just sort of throw out a major announcement, and rush right past. As he was talking about people effectiveness, and how Experion R300 was designed to enable significantly more effective operations, he almost went right by one of the most important of his train of announcements. Honeywell has integrated the businesses they bought from Aspentech (Hisys and Hyprotech) into a new unified simulation solution called, appropriately enough, UniSym. UniSym is targeted at the petrochem industry vertical, but is highly open and extensible. That's Zornio speak for it works with other industries too, and we'll get there, just you wait. Finally, he was finished with the technology transplant...no, I didn't mean transfer, I meant full body transplant. By the time Zornio finished, I knew more than I ever wanted to about Honeywell's products. He took us once-over-lightly through the migration paths, which we'll talk about, as I said, in the Wednesday special edition of the ControlGlobal eNewsletter. It is very clear that compared to Honeywell's position four years ago, and relative to the entire market, Honeywell's back!