Jerry Gipson from Dow tells us all about collaboration

Jerry and Mrs. Gipson collaborated on his being at ARC-- and he will report back on the results of that collaboration. Gipson quoted Andrew Liveris, chairman and CEO: "Sustainability begins at home but its destiny is to engage the problems of the world.We will build on our company's rich legacy of leadership in solving the world's most pressing problems with a spirit of fearless accountability, not just for our own footprint on the planet but the collaboratove footprint we make as part of the human family." Collaboration is the critical key to doing this. Dow intends to systematically address the design basis AND executional enablers leading to sustained collaborative manufacturing solutions. All of the responses to opportunities-- using the capabilities sand people/process/technology-- are collaborative enablers. Dow has established a consistent architecture and design intent.This is a solution innovation cycle, with internal product and service offerings-- a standards based architecture that thakes collaboration between IT and manufacturing as equal partners in business transformation. At the lower levels of the model, manufacturing leads-- but at the enterprise level IS leads-- and in the middle layer there is much discussion and begotiation, "Two organizations- one team-- producing tangible results." Dow productivity increased 8.2% per year between 19920and 2004, while maintenance spend has reduced vs production volume almost 40% since 1994. This is NOT about decapitalization! This is about near-100% asset reliability and utilization.