Kyosei Honeywell MTL

Kyosei is the Japanese for working together. It was popularized by a CEO of Canon Corporation, and he used it to explain why Canon didn't make all the laser printers in the world, just the engines for them. He said that Canon could do better working together with other companies than working against them all. Honeywell certainly believes that too. Not only has their CEO, Jack Bolick, employed his own version of kyosei with Yokogawa, but the entire partner program illustrates the thesis. MTL Instruments just announced that it has been awarded the "Supplier of the Year" award by Honeywell Process Systems for 2004. Honeywell presented the award to MTL "in recognition of outstanding performance in delivery, productivity, quality and service." Honeywell integrates MTL Intrinsic Safety interfaces, distributed I/O and Foundation Fieldbus products into their large process control systems such as Plantscape, TPS/TDC3000 and the latest Series C platform. Honeywell has very stringent performance parameters for supplier measurement including quality of product, quality of service, delivery standards and contribution to productivity. Now why is this so significant? Well, like Yokogawa, MTL is not only a supplier to Honeywell, but it is one of the emerging second tier DCS competitors to Plantscape, with MTL MOST. It is impressive to see Honeywell continuing to reinvent itself like this. Competitors take note. Walt