Live from Automation Fair!

Rockwell Automation's annual gathering of the clan, Automation Fair, is in full swing down at McCormick Place here in Chicago. Most of the Control editorial team is there on the show floor, reporting extensively on all the news coming out of the fair and generating copy for the electronic show daily that will be zipping through the electrons, hopefully to a mailbox near you, early this evening. 

But their also busy giving live updates throughout the day via Twitter. For those of you who don't follow the little blue bird, we will share with you Keith Larson's (KL), Walt Boyes' (WB) and Aaron Hand's (AH) tweets. Here's what they're reporting so far, in chronological order, starting at the opening of "Manufacturing Perspectives" at 8 this morning.

WB, 8:06 --  #autofair Manufacturing Perspectives kicked off by John Bernaden, dir corp comms ROK "what does tomorrow's workplace look like?"

WB, 8:09 -- Keynote:"Innovation in Manufacturing" Rob Atkinson, Driving growth and competition #autofair

KL, 8:15 -- Output loss, not productivity gains have led to US mfg employment decline. Rob Atkinson at #autofair

WB, 8:18 -- #autofair Atkinson: mfg jobs pay 9pct more than jobs in the overall economy.

WB, 8:19 -- #autofair Atkinson: mfg job loss is NOT productivity-driven.

WB, 8:21 -- #autofair Innovation is key to mfg regrowth: Atkinson

KL, 8:22 -- Information technology key to driving mfg innovation. Atkinson at #autofair

WB, 8:23 -- #autofair Atkinson: Moore's Law is still working

WB, 8:25 -- #autofair Atkinson: mfg has lagged behind in using IT-but mfg is about atoms and bits--information so there is a great oppy [opportunity].

WB, 8;26 -- #autofair Atkinson 22 pct of mfg companies have implemented cloud services already

KL, 8:27 --  44% of manufacturers already shifting IT functions to cloud. Atkinson at #autofair

WB, 8:27 -- #autofair ...and IPv6 can provide multiple IP addys [addresses] for every grain of sand on the planet: Atkinson

WB, 8:29 -- #autofair Gotta get the for T's right: Tax, Trade, Talent, Tech--Atkinson

KL, 8:30 -- Tech, talent, trade and tax: what US policy-makers need to get right to support mfg. Atkinson at #autofair.

WB, 8:31 -- #autofair Australia just installed the highest R&D tax credit in the world--Atkinson

WB, 8:33 -- #autofair We need to confront IP pirates

KL, 8:33 -- US lagging global competition in terms of R&D investment tax credits. Atkinson at #autofair

WB, 8:34 -- #autofair We need to work on STEM jobs including high skills immigration--Atkinson

WB, 8:36 -- #autofair Economists don't get manufacturing--Atkinson

KL, 8:37 -- The 'idea economy' will never replace the business of making stuff. Atkinson at #autofair

WB, 8:37 -- #autofair Atkinson makes fun of both left and right wing economists like Summers and Krugman and Boskin

WB, 8:38 -- #autofair Atkinson quotes Boskin: "potato chips, computer chips what's the difference?"

KL, 8:44 -- Lack of fundamental faith in US future at root of slow recovery. Atkinson at #autofair

AH, 8:44 -- Rob Atkinson: We need to acknowledge that the US has a competitive crisis. #autofair

Now to take a break. BRB with a panel discussion on "The Next Frontier in Manufacturing."