Live from Phoenix, Day 1

The Honeywell User Group conference is in full swing down in Phoenix, and. in spite of the heat (yes, it is 98 deg F there this afternoon, which kind of puts a different perspective on the  68 deg F and cloudy here at ControlGlobal central). Anyway, our intrepid reporters have been been reporting via Twitter and blog posts since this morning. Here's Walt Boyes' post about some of the morning's festivities, in which Harsh Chitale listed four customer pain points --

–Total Cost of Ownership

–Technology Obsolescence

–Knowledge Drain

–Dealing with Open Systems -- and how Honeywell systems address them.

Chitale also honored two Honeywell systems users. First was Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN, whose gasifier, built 27 years ago and upplied with a TDC2000, has 99% uptime. For this record Eastman was named recipient of the System Longevity Award. Then was Atlanta Gas Light, who has implemented an Experion system as a complete process monitoring system that connects 13 plants, scattered from New Jersey to Georgia,as a single control system. Any of the plants can be controlled from any of the ontrol systems, and hand-off is seamless and simple. Chitale presented Atlanta Gas Light with the Experion Ingenuity Award.