Live from WBF 2008-- Dave Chappell reviews Make2Pack ISA88 Part 5

Procter and Gamble retiree Dave Chappell gave an update and overview of ISA88 Part 5. ISA88 Part 5 defines a reference model for module equipment control within equipment modules and control modules based on the equipment control concepts described in Part 1 of this standard.   The reference model applies to equipment that may be used in batch processes and on other types of production and packaging processes.  The reference model defines: a template for definition of modular reusable components that defines a standard terminology, a template for command and control functionality, a method to describe and identify each modular component, a method for exchanging component definitions, and a method for intercommunications among components. What is Make2Pack and where does it fit? First and Foremost: Easiest and Simplest way to meet automation needs Scalable to address the appropriate level of simplicity or complexity to meet your needs Harmonized with other industry standards Useable anywhere on the factory floor General Concepts Multiple strategies exist within an enterprise Functional roles in manufacturing Control Component A spectrum of control Elemental Cotnrol Component Compound Control Component Device  Control Strategies in Manufacturing Business Strategy Product Strategy Manufacturing Strategy Manufacturing Operating Strategy Manufacturing Control Strategy Normal control strategy Intervention control strategy Maintenance control strategy Spectrum of Control and Control Components Basic control – Always active Equipment Procedural Control – Has an idle state and requires an external “command” to activate and will return to the idle state when finished Equipment sequenced control – is not commanded by the recipe procedure Equipment phase control – commanded by the recipe procedure Coordination Control – Functionality changes depending upon where in the spectrum it occurs. Elements and Compounds: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water Element and Compound Element is the lowest level to which something can be reduced and still be functional. Compound consists of 2 or more elemental components and can carry out a function by coordinating and commanding the elements that it uses to carry out its function. One persons Element can be another's Compound Water to one is an element, to another a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Much of the rest of Dave's presentation is heavily graphics and pictorial-- and I just can't reproduce it. So here's the punchline: The Future of Make2Pack Meetings scheduled through 2008 Draft for comment late 2008 Integration with next generation OPC using XML Development of Recipe Phase interface and protocol Development of Material Transfer Control Component