Live from WBF 2008-- Industrial Interoperability Compliance Institute

Dennis Brandl announced the creation of the newest of ISA's compliance institutes, the IICI (pronounced I-CEE, so that the compliance stamp can say "IICI Cool!") The IICI Mission: Create a standardized application framework and interoperability baseline to enable adaptive manufacturing and business processes Dramatically lower high life cycle cost of integrated disparate Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems through efficient, responsive change management to market and technology change Improve production and supply chain productivity by improving ability of manufacturing IT applications to inter-operate through standard XML schemas and services. Use existing industry standards, facilitate the development of standards where they don’t current exist, and adopt new standards as available. Facilitate the independent testing, training and certification of MOM interoperability and systems to a defined set of international standards. Accelerate development of industry standards for MOM interoperability through sponsored projects for closing critical gaps. Provide a feedback process and recommendations to standards bodies Standards to be addressed over the next two years:  Integration of business and manufacturing system following the ISA-95 data exchange and transaction definitions using the WBF’s XML B2MML schema standard (Business to Manufacturing Markup Language). The initial focus will be on the B2MML schemas for Production Schedules, Production Performance, Production Definition, Material Information, Equipment Information, and Process Segment. The services will support B2MML exchanges in both a non-transactional mode and in a transactional mode. Testing environment will be based on web services to be provided by IICI. Key benefits of IICI are: For end users, key benefits include: A public list of certified products and system integrator companies. A single unbiased point of compliance testing and certification. IICI Certified products will save lifecycle system integration time and costs. Reduced costs and time in product selection and deployment. Improve system reliability and responsiveness by assuring software products are interoperable ‘out of the box’ to a high degree. Provides a “Voice of the Customer” (VOC) and “Voice of the Market” (VOM).  For suppliers and integrators, key benefits include: Suppliers can substantiate compliance claims to industry standards. Participating in a shared interoperability vision executed through a consortium of end user, vendors, and system integrators. Provides the VOC requirements directly to suppliers for faster time-to-market and focused product development and integration costs. Equal level playing field for all types of suppliers. Opportunity to have a voice in IICI. ASCI Scope To establish credible ISA standards compliance programs ASCI Objective Enhance the value of ISA standards and related industry standards to suppliers and users of industrial automation controls through an  ISA sponsored standards compliance organization. Industry interest groups established for each compliance activity have their own governing board Board of Directors governs ASCI Outside directors, ISA leaders, ISA staff ISA staff manage operations Non-profit entity that assesses automation-related standards compliance Provides a vital link between ISA’s unbiased standards and implementation Activities are market-driven with self-supporting expectation Membership dues Certification fees Industry interest groups govern specific compliance programs Membership levels and fees: A company can be a member at any level; company size is only a recommendation. Non-members or members may pay for additional compatibility services and certification tests on an ala carte services or test-by-test basis. Class A Membership: $25,000 / year – Sales: > $100 MM / year  Voting membership on the Governance Board  and Technical Steering Committee Services at a discount rate from non-member rates. Access to on-line web based certification services (starting 2009) Class B Membership: $12,500 / year – Sales: $25 MM to $100 MM / year Voting membership on the Technical Steering Committee Eligible for membership for one of two rotating Class B seats on the Governance Board Services at a discount rate from non-member rates. Access to on-line web based certification services (starting 2009) Class C Membership: $7,000 / year – Sales: $2 MM to $25 MM / year Voting membership on the Technical Steering Committee Services at a discount rate from non-member rates. Fee based access to web based certification services (starting 2009) at a reduced rate Class D Membership: $1,000 / year –universities, individuals, and non-profit Access to Technical Steering Committee information IICI Milestones-- IICI Development: May 2008: IICI organization formed June 2008: Technical Direction, Scope, and Approach Determiend Sept 2008: Compliance Profiles Completed Nov 2008: Certification Program Operations, Policies, and Processes Complete           Certification Material completed and advertised January 2009: Certification Program Operational February 2009: Start Processing Certification Requests-- IICI Certified Logo to be available.