Maverick Open House: DCSNext and PlantFloor24 #pauto

Maverick Technologies is the largest independent control system integrator in the world.

This allows them to do things that other system integrators can't easily do, and even most EPC companies cannot do. Even some vendor OEMs have difficulty doing the things that Maverick's new offerings can do.

The key to Maverick's positioning is their platform independence, coupled with the kind of world class talent in engineering and process control that the end user companies used to have.

So they are the largest integrator in the world...and they have a big enough footprint that they can say that they provide a real alternative to being locked in to a single vendor's offers . 

 Earlier this year, Maverick introduced a program called DCSNext which was ain innovative take on control system migration using a highly refined strategy and third party best of breed solutions. Today they are introducing a new program called PlantFloor24. Maverick has spent over a million dollars, according to Chairman and CEO Paul Galeski, developing and staffing a Global Operations Center that is staffed 24/7/365 in Columbia, Illinois.

 This is certainly not the usual control system integrator, that is certain! Maverick appears to be capable of doing everything that the large OEMs can do, except build hardware.