Meet Yokogawa's Latest Member to the New SmartDAC+ Digital Data Acquisition Family

Digital Data Acquisition SystemYokogawa has released the GX and GP Series of digital data acquisition systems, products that go far beyond functionality of the original paperless recorder. Complementing Yokogawa's DXA Advanced R4 series, the GX and GP bring some features that are not in the DXA, such as the special touchscreen interface, field-upgradable modular I/O, SD memory, a real-time data web monitor and network printer report printing.

The GX and GP products are the first of a new SmartDAC+ product family," says Steve Byrom, data acquisition product manager. "They incorporate a Smart User Interface, Smart Architecture and Smart Functionality design principles. The fully modular I/O architecture captures all measurement and output functions and field wiring terminations within a compact field-replaceable and -upgradeable module. This means that customers can buy the functionality they need today and add more capacity when needed.

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