Mergers and Acquisitions are still alive and well, despite the economic crisis...

[img_assist|nid=2501|title=Christensen Display|desc=New Christensen Display product for Pepperl+Fuchs|link=url|url=|align=right|width=100|height=83]Pepperl+Fuchs announces the acquisition of Christensen Display Products. Headquartered in Preston, WA, Christensen Display Products designs and manufactures ruggedized, industrial-grade, flat-panel monitors for the process and industrial control markets.

As a leading manufacturer of industrialized monitors and with over 200 models and configurations, Christensen products are used in a wide range of applications and industries including general-purpose and Division 1 and 2 hazardous locations. By specializing in flat panel and touch screen solutions, Christensen Display Products has expert knowledge of the visualization market and display technology and is known within the industry as the leader for manufacturing high-quality, high-performance equipment with excellent customer service and fast deliveries.

"This acquisition allows Pepperl+Fuchs to build upon our product portfolio of industrial monitors and PCs for hazardous locations, infuse expert knowledge into the organization, strengthen our position as a complete automation supplier, and create tremendous synergies with our market-leading purge/pressurization systems," says Jim Bolin, Pepperl+Fuchs Corporate Operations Officer.