"Migration Without Migraines" @chemicalprocessing @ianverhappen #pauto #automation #mfg #manufacturing

With the age of plants in North America, EMEA and even China and Japan getting older and older, and the requirements for quality and performance getting higher and higher, and the knowledge of the workforce getting lower and lower, migration of control systems is on many people's minds.

So, here's an article from www.chemicalprocessing.com, our sister magazine and website by Ian Verhappen, principal of Industrial Automation Networks Inc. Ian has written for Control, for Control Design and for Industrial Networking, and currently blogs at The Great Kanduski on ControlGlobal.com.

You can read the article here: http://www.chemicalprocessing.com/articles/2012/migrate-without-a-migraine.html

Ian makes some significant points about the ancillary costs-- and savings-- of migrating, as well as the dangers and dilemmas posed by the issue.