Mommas, More Ways to Help Your Babies Grow Up to Be Engineers

National Engineering Week is Feb 20-26 this year. Besides buying a drink or sending a flower to your favorite engineer, there are other things you can do to promote the industry and, more to the point, get the young 'uns fired up about the possibility of becoming engineers. Project Lead the Way and the National Engineering Week Foundation are offering their help. This release came over the transom this morning, explaining a new cooperative venture between the two organizations to boost STEM education: Videos, photos, projects, contests for students, and plans and ideas for teachers and communities. If you're thinking you want to do more to encourage STEM, but don't know how to get started, this could be the place. It's the National Engineering Week website. Check it out.

For a real-life look at the sort of thing you could be involved with, read colleague Jim Montague's adventures with his daughter's Girl Scout troop when they take on some engineering challenges.  This kind of thing could be the most fun you've ever had supervising an engineering project.