More Emerson Wireless

A senior Emerson executive reports that the new Rosemount 753R with iTraX® solution is available and shipping now within the USA, and as soon as they get licensing issues sorted out, it will ship everywhere. A famous general once pithily remarked that the way to win is to "git thar fustest wit' the mostest." Emerson is clearly following that dictum. There are a dozen other "integrated wireless solutions" out there, from companies as large as Honeywell, Siemens, Invensys, and Yokogawa, to name a few, and other companies like Accutech (headed by former Foxboro and Bailey CEO Gene Yon), Omnex Controls (headed by radio guru Ake Severinson) and Elpro Technologies from Australia. Most of them are waiting to see what the final HART Wireless protocol turns out to be, rather than announcing devices compatible with it. What will be interesting to end users now is whether Emerson can generate enough installed user base to create a de-facto standard, regardless of what SP100 and the HART Wireless Working Group do. Emerson, and its technology partner, Dust Networks, insist that they have many working applications, but other vendors are skeptical and critical. In the final analysis, it will be up to the end users to determine if Emerson's gamble to assert leadership in wireless will work or fail.

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