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Have you ever had the experience of making a suggestion, and then finding that when they took your suggestion and run with it, it has all come horribly wrong? Well, I'm the person who suggested over a year ago that WBF look at ISA as a potential affiliation, like OMAC. Now I'm not so sure I was right, then, and I am not so sure it is the right thing to do now. Here's the verbatim release from ISA and WBF:

WBF and ISA Announce Intent to Affiliate

Research Triangle Park, N.C. (6 March 2006) - WBF (formerly known as the World Batch Forum) and ISA are pleased to announce their intention to affiliate in furtherance of their missions to aid professionals and industry in the successful development and application of automation technologies. The affiliation will allow both organizations to build on their respective strengths. The two organizations are working through the final stages of the arrangements that would result in WBF functioning as independent affiliate of ISA. Remaining steps should be completed in the first half of 2006. WBF's mission, past activities, and future activities align well with those of ISA. * WBF's work with implementation and adoption of batch and enterprise integration standards are an excellent complement to the standards development work done by ISA-SP88 and ISA-SP95. * WBF's focus on satisfying the technical needs of end-users enhances ISA's mission to serve the information needs of automationprofessionals. * WBF's collaborations with other industry organizations complement similar ISA relationships "There will be no change in the basic structure or direction of WBF", says Maurice Wilkins, WBF's Chairman, Millennium Specialty Chemical, a Lyondell Company. "WBF remains an independent non-profit organization dedicated to providing an open and non-commercial forum for the exchange of information related to the management, operation, and automation of manufacturing processes. In the near future this affiliation with ISA will allow WBF to provide additional services to WBF members and the entire industrial community." "ISA is extremely pleased with the opportunity to affiliate with WBF," said Ken Baker, ISA President. "WBF is highly respected in the automation community for their excellent work and the ISA leadership looks forward to working with the WBF leaders in advancing the automation profession around the world."

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