News from HUG 2012

Very quiet at the ControlGlobal popstand today. Most everyone but Katherine Bonfante and I are down in Phoenix at the 2012 gathering of the Honeywell Process Solutions clan, HUG 2012. But while things are rather like a library here, there's plenty of news coming out of Phoenix.

For example this, from a Honeywell Press release:

Honeywell Launches Experion Orion GLOBALLY 
Honeywell ) today launched its next-generation Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). Experion PKS Orion introduces two major innovations: it is the first industrial process system to use Universal Channel Technology to remotely configure process and safety systems without the need for additional hardware; and it comes equipped with a complete virtualization solution that includes the most advanced and complete package of hardware, software, skills, guidance and best practices, training and support from Honeywell.

In addition to these advancements, Honeywell also announced the Experion platform is the first distributed control system to achieve ISA99 certification, which assures manufacturers that Experion PKS Orion meets the industry’s most-rigorous cybersecurity standards.

For more, see Keith Larson's report at