Notes from ABB APWorld press conference @abb @apworld2012 #pauto #automatiom #smartgrid

Notes from the Press Conference:

Greg Schau -- renewed focus on North America

Enrique Santacana on mega trends...

Some facts: largest installed base of ABB power transmission and distribution equipment.

ABB North America is self sufficient in engineering, service and manufacturing.

Sandy Taylor: Oil and Gas Sector-- offshore, marine, transportation and distribution, refining etc. All five divisions are active in O&G with sales of +$4 bn.

Customers want to bundle systems and services and ABB has integrated solutions.

Peak oil theory: IS supply constrained? Peak oil theory has not happened in emerging economies. Capacity increases since 2008 have kept prices low until now. Gas in North America is way lower than anywhere else and shale gas will keep it down for nearly a century. The resources are out there-- it is a function of price and political will.

sea solutions...maintenance free transformers and HVDC shore power. Offshore is in every where in the world ...
Subsea market is growing very fast. ABB is growing their subsea penetration.

Now we get to shale rock. Global opportunity in NAM.

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Uptick in both oil and gas from shale. ABB SCADA is extensively used.

800xA system is the common platform for Oil and Gas. Big changes in the ergonomics of control rooms.

ExxonMobil Hebron project in Canada
ConocoPhillips Jasmine project in UK
Styron global upgrade 
BASF Geismar
BG/bechtel gas project in Australia

ABB is growing and hiring in Houston...