O frabjous joy! ISA rares back and passes another freebie!

If you are like probably 99% of all automation professionals, you have no idea that ISA actually produces a scholarly journal as well as books and magazines. Edited by Process Automation Hall of Famer Russ Rhinehart, of Oklahoma State University, Transactions has been the academic and scholarly publication of ISA for close to 30 years. It has also been way too expensive for the average automation professional to subscribe to. The business model, as it was originally set up (by me, among other people) was to sell it to libraries and universities on a subscription basis, and ISA hired Elsevier to do that. So most ISA members, and the rest of the community had and probably still have, no idea about Transactions' existence, and the very high quality of papers it offers. Here's the press release announcing free online access to Transactions as an ISA member benefit. Kudos to ISA for doing this. ISA announced today that online access to ISA Transactions, a journal of advances and state-of-the-art in the science and engineering of measurement and automation, will be available at no cost to ISA members. The latest in a long list of additional member benefits, access to the journal will be beneficial for leading-edge industrial practitioners and applied researchers. The journal, which seeks to bridge the gap between practice and theory in measurement and automation, is published quarterly on behalf of ISA by Elsevier, a leading scientific publisher serving 30 million scientists, students, and health and information professionals worldwide. The journal includes articles centered on measurement topics such as sensors, perception systems, analyzers, signal processing, filtering, data compression, data rectification, fault detection, inferential measurement, soft sensors, and hardware interfacing. Articles relating to the measurement topics also study several different techniques such as artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, communication systems, and process analysis. The journal also focuses on automation topics like statistical and deterministic strategies for discrete event and continuous process control, modeling and simulation, event triggers, scheduling and sequencing, system reliability, quality, maintenance, management, and loss prevention. Techniques and best practices in automation are also covered, with article topics ranging from optimization, learning systems, and gaming strategy development to security and human interfacing and training. "ISA is pleased to add another great member benefit to our comprehensive package, and we're confident that the unbiased, state-of-the-art technical information found in the journal each quarter will further deliver on our promise to provide unparalleled technical content to our membership," said ISA Executive Director and CEO Patrick Gouhin.