Paul Sereiko closes out the conference...

This is an out of the box presentation, Paul said.
  • Paul Sereiko  - Professional  - President and CEO, AirSprite Technologies  - Industrial wireless sensing software and infrastructure  - Founding CEO, Sensicast Systems, Inc.  - Wireless sensor networking solutions  - EVP Marketing, PinPoint Corporation  - Real-time wireless location systems  - Professional Affiliations  - Co-chair, ISA-SP100 Marketing Working Group  - HART Communication Foundation, Marketing Group  - Education  - BC Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Champaign  - MBA, Northwestern University (Kellogg) 
Contact 508.281.2720 2008-- the year of wireless?
  • Maybe "¦  - Standards emerging:     - Wireless HART, spec approval by 2007 year end     - ISA100, spec approval during 2008
          - Mesh networking reliability challenge resolved:              - Dust SmartMesh >99.9% data throughput               - Early adopter products enjoying commercial success:                  - Emerson 1420, etc.
  • Maybe not "¦ - Security - Interoperability and compliance - Integration with existing business processes
The surveys are clear that most people want wireless sensors for monitoring, not control...not yet. The mindset is that they have to buy all this new stuff to put in a wireless network... Fortunately, the vendors have made much of this easy to resolve and there are existing standards to help you. But there's another way-- the HART wireless adaptor. It can send information from an existing transmitter, to an existing receiver. This is a great way to take advantage of existing devices and get your feet wet. There are millions of HART devices, and this information is "marooned" in the device. There are 35-40 data items in every HART device. Sereiko showed a prototype of a wirelessHART device. 42% of the installed base of field instruments is HART. Most of them (90%) are only being used as dumb 4-20 mA devices. How does a WirelessHART adaptor work?
  • Connects anywhere on 4-20 mA loop - Series connection enables loop power option  - Parallel connection can simplify installation
  • Sends/receives HART via wireless and wired transmission
  • Enables direct path to host applications, bypassing legacy DCSThis enables new, low cost monitoring points. - You may even connect directly to plant and enterprise applications if you can get away with it. - Let's get a baseline on plant asset management systems. - A PAM manages performance, availability and reliability of plant assets. - The role of the solution is to sense, assess, decide, and act.
PAM Use Case-- Smart Valve
  • Abnormal position vs. valve demand
  • Automated detection of valve or positioner malfunctions
  • Faster and control-room based troubleshooting and routine testing
  • More accurate problem diagnosis  - Fewer false positives and needless valve teardowns - Fewer unnecessary replacement parts
  • Valves operate closer to rated performance  - Possible results: Increased plant capacity, higher yields, greater process efficiency
What's driving the PAM market? More assets, smaller size of field staff, aging boomer workforce retiring is leading to more loops per technician (500 going to 2000), younger workforce with much less expertise. Managing plant assets now takes more than just the workforce. It takes some intelligent process solutions. Another use case-- Measurement
  • Detect and resolve problems more quickly and efficiently - Alert operators and maintenance before process degrades - More efficiently schedule repairs
  • Save labor on routine calibrations - Don't need to be located - No handwritten reports - Results are digitized and available as documents
PAM benefits go beyond maintenance. PAM is growing rapidly, at about 10.4% CAGR to be about a billion dollars a year. Lots of vendors are in this space. Obviously there is a lot of ROI.
  • "Industry reports estimate that by changing 25% of all preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance, which is five times less costly than preventive maintenance, an organization could potentially realize an up to 60% reduction in maintenance expenses alone."
Source: "˜Thar's Gold in That Plant-Floor Data' By Howard Mars, InTech
  • $50,000,000 /year in maintaining 40,000 points = $1,250 per point/per year
Source: Chemical Industry Plant Manager You can retrofit stranded HART devices to get better data for your PAM and add extra points where you need to, to improve your data. REAPING THE BENEFITS: Problem Solution Valuable information locked in smart field instruments. Wirelessly access locked data via WirelessHART adapters for improved monitoring and PAM of automation assets. Waiting for manual surveys to identify equipment problems is often too long. WirelessHART adapters and new wireless measurement points enable continuous, predictive monitoring of assets. Detecting and troubleshooting instrument problems is time consuming. WirelessHART adapters cuts time-to-resolution by continuously enabling remote diagnostics and problem solving. Manpower reductions, aging workforce. Automate collection of field data to let staff focus on highest value activities.
  • Start piloting now! - Certified standard-based products not available for at least a year  - Learn how reliable and easy-to-use (or not) today's technology is  - Learn about the RF nuances of your environment
  • Stand-alone pilot - Do not integrate pilot with existing processes - Set up test processes for the stand-alone system 
  • Retrofit - Low-cost, low-risk piloting - No need to install new devices 
  • Use standard-based products - Wait for availability - Extract upgrade commitment from vendor
  • Understand use of data - Who are the human users of the information generated? - What systems do they rely on? - DCS? - Historian? - PAM?
  • Understand integration issues with existing processes - Single HMI or NOT? - Process modifications or NOT?
  • View wireless's ability to bypass the DCS as strategic for plant management and enterprise applications
So... Retrofitting is the low-cost, low-risk first step into the world of standards-based industrial wireless networks 
  • Wireless extends the reach and value of PAM solutions  - Enables economic monitoring of valuable field data - Enables bypass of DCS for integrating field data with plant management and enterprise systems 
  • Start piloting in '07 to get ready for standards-based products in "˜08