#pauto #arcorlando ATT and ILS talk about mobility and M2M #mfg #manufacturing

ATT presented a view of mobility solutions that simply is not aimed at process automation. They talked about an Android app, using an iPad, and other things that would blow up a process area. The ATT suite is powered by ILS technology, which makes the M2M hardware (gateways) and then they go "to the Cloud". Cloud computing continues to be pushed by IT-centric vendors, and it continues to give process automation engineers the collywobbles. Ya gotta ask yourself how the Deepwater Horizon event would have happened if their workflow was "in the Cloud"...betcha it would have been even worse than what happened.

It is certainly true that ATT mobiility solutions and ILS's gateways are quite reasonable for the discrete manufacturing industries. But they are woefully inadequate for the process industries.