#pauto Fairchild releases new I/P and E/P transducers! #automation #mfg

Yes, Virginia, there is still a place for pneumatic controls.

From the press release:



Fairchild’s new T9000 Series of I/P and E/P transducers offers high accuracy with the capability to quickly customize the product for your exact application.  The Basic T9000 Electro-Pneumatic transducer attains accuracy of 0.5% or better and has a crisp LCD display screen with an integral keypad user interface.  In addition, the T9000 offers simple PID tuning to easily calibrate and adjusted for a multitude of operational parameters, such as the gain.  The new T9000 Models can operate with an input signal of 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA or DeviceNet™ and comes equipped with standard tapped exhaust and fail freeze power failure mode features.

Configuring the base transducer in any one of its six available modular configurations, the T9000 line is designed to fit both your application and your budget, offering flow capacities from 1 to 800 SCFM, along with a wide variety of port sizes, port threads, input or output feedback, remote pressure sensing and many other optional features.  It handles supply pressures up to 200 psi supply with output ranges up to 150 psi.