#pauto John Nesi from ROK talks about process automation, GreenPrint and energy management #arc #mfg #manufacturing

John Nesi, vice president of business development for ROK gave an overview of ROK business, noting that they expect 2011 results to be back to the 2008 level and that sales should be $5.8 billion or so.

50% of ROK revenue comes from ex-North America regions. Future goal is 60/40 ex-NA.

Major goal is dominating the sub-Saharan African market-- so the acquisition of HiProm in South Africa.

HiProm was a ROK integrator for many years, so tools, templates etc. are already based on Contrologix and Integrated Architecture. HiProm was already capable of handling $10+ million booking projects.

Plant PAx system release 2.0 with redundant controllers, redundant I/O modules, redundant field devices, redundant networks, redundant servers and replicated operator workstations for critical control and high availability applications.

New design tools and accelerated engineering: sizing wizards, edxport design to configuration tool, start project with a known architecture, and build with the PlantPAx library of control applications, all built around standard information objects. The system uses pre-developed functional templates, and common reporting through portals and dashboards.

Embedding the Pavilion platform more deeply into the PlantPAx system....solution builder, software CEM builder, Hybrid models execution in Pavilion8 Calculation Engine, and enhanced usability and robustness. Moving Pavilion to shrink wrap and integrator delivery system.

And then there is industrial energy management and sustainability. Threelegged stool, environment, safety and energy are the three legs of the stool.

Looking at Industrial GreenPrint(tm):

centralizes data collection and analysis, aids plant optimization, monitors industrial facilities for correct behavior, and a set of web-based analytics and reporting. "The Industrial GreenPrint provides a roadmap," Nesi said.

Industrial GreenPrint(tm) is built on awareness, efficiency, optimization and aggregation.

Awareness means that you understand and monitor your energy usage with facility and plant floor energy monitoring. Creating a WAGES (water,air, gas, electricity) baseline is crucial to increasing energy efficiency.

Efficiency means to set up a set of realtime rolebased multiplatform control loops that visualize, analyze and report, calculate and measure efficiency and energy usage per production unit.

Optimization-- predictive, adaptive, energy by demand, economic optimization...increased profitability by modeling assets with energy data.

ROK has produced an energy evaluator tool at www.rockwellenergyevaluator.com that can show you an ROI in months not years.