#pauto Mitsubishi discovers process automation!! #arc #mfg #manufacturing @melpaq

Joel Gil explains why Mitsubishi should be taken seriously (and they should, people) as process automation providers.

The Melpaq brand is going to focus on water/wastewater, energy management and business automation.

They will leverage the Q Series as the engine, collaborate with Iconics as the front end HMI, HART, etc., Yamatake and Smar for instrumentation and field devices. They will be able to move fromt he field device layer to the MES layer.

First out of the gate is the Water and Wastewater business. Ed Ladd (formerly of the HART Foundation) is the Business Development Manager for that business. The value prop is integrated hardware/software, standard water library (program blocks) working with OEMs, etc.

Then will come Energy Management, applicable as a horizontal strategy across the entire process industry, both industrial and commercial.

Then will be the Building Automation solution set. "Small, Medium or Large" applications, with a variety of partners will be strategic for the BA market.

Looking for OEMs, machine and skid builders, and system integratorys to work with.