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Tonight is our last night of live coverage here at Rockwell Automation Automation Fair. Read all the details.

Automation Fair 2012

OEMs Leverage Information for Position, Price
There was a time when industrial manufacturers had large engineering departments that made all the decisions on how their machines would look and operate. But more and more, that breadth and depth of expertise is leaving the building, and manufacturers are instead handing their specs to machine builders and leaving it to them to figure out how to get the job done. The OEMs look to their automation suppliers to get the tools they need.

Flexibility Driving the Future of Automation
To help their users and customers survive in the present and thrive in the future, a trio of Rockwell Automation's technical experts and partners delivered a series of presentations this week at the Manufacturing Perspectives press event leading up to Automation Fair 2012 in Philadelphia. One of the cornerstones enabling the flexibility of manufacturing so crucial to the operations of many of Rockwell Automation's manufacturing customers is the company's long and fruitful partnership with Cisco Systems.

Oil & Gas Producers Innovate to Tap Hard-to-Reach Resources
Despite sustainability advances, the world is ever thirstier for oil and natural gas, especially in developing regions with a growing middle-class. To supply this ravenous and accelerating demand, producers are forced to explore more widely and deeply than ever before and cope with far higher capital operating costs, yawning skill and experience gaps, and increasing regulations. Operators are overwhelmed with data and are also struggling.

Get What You Want in Low-Bid Projects
"In 1972, the Clean Water Act mandated that the bidding process provide maximum free and open competition," said Gerald Robinson, senior project manager from Hatch Mott MacDonald, a large water and wastewater consulting engineering firm, "yet the General Accounting Office and a study by the University of Illinois both clearly show that the 'or equal' clause in bidding documents is the most significant contributor to water and wastewater project failure and designs that don't work."

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