Rockwell eats its own cheese...

Rockwell CIO Mike JacksonIn the December 3 issue of Information Week, Rockwell Automation VP and CIO Mike Jackson talks about the top IT goals for 2008 for Rockwell:
  • Global Process Trans- formation--in 2004, Rockwell Automation set out to replace many different business processes and ERP systems with a single set of global processes and one enterprise-wide solution. We are into the third year of a five-year roll out plan.
  • A real-time manufacturing IT strategy--synchronizing plant operations with enterprise business and supply chain systems globally is a tall order, but establishing visibility and process control across our extended supply chain is a fundamental aspect of remaining competitive as a global electronics manufacturer.
  • Supporting the rapid growth and globalization of our business.
Rockwell's customers, to whom it sells many of the same services, should be very pleased to hear that Rockwell, itself a manufacturing enterprise, is going through the same pain it hopes to remove from its customers. I hope Mike Jackson comes to an ARC event or something similar, and talks about the experience of doing what they preach. I for one will be there, listening raptly.