Saving ISA...some responses

Dan Miklovic: I agree with the premise - ISA is UTIAIA . The suggested solutions may be one way to address it. However, since the members value InTech as the greatest benefit, losing editorial control could diminish that. Trade shows are a dime a dozen these days and no one seems to make real money with them any more. They mostly are marketing pieces that depend on the goodwill of the presenters (or desire of presenters to polish their image in the face of job uncertainty). I do not see ISA, or MESA or even some of the industry standards groups I deal with, really trying to provide benefit for their members, they are all after their own survival. They all have the cart before the donkey. They assume they must survive to be of value to the member instead of assuming they must serve the member, which will ensure their survival. And more... MORLEY HERE WE DID "FIX" NCMS - TOOK A YEAR MONEY GREAT, MEMBERSHIP WAY UP AND BOARD REDUCED IN SIZE. (THEY MADE ME A CZAR) DETAILS NOT MORE IDEAS AND MICRO MANAGEMENT DEAL WITH THE ORG AND PROCESS - NOT THE ITEMS SMART SMALL STAFFS AND ON.