Say What?

News on the PR Wall of Shame front has been sparse of late. (Good job, people!) But our friend Andrew Bond, who digs up the dirt on process control in the U.K. and the E.U., shared a note with me that deserves some kind of award in this category. He got it from a fellow European editor. Recipients of a particular news release got this note TWO MONTHS AFTER the press conference to which it relates.

According to Andrew, "The writer explains that 'This information was intended as background only, rather than for publication, but perhaps this wasn’t made clear at the time,' and goes on 'whilst I appreciate that we are probably too late to change anything you have put forward for publication, it may be that this story is on your website. We would all be most grateful if you could delete any of the market information from your story if this is at all possible and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.'"

Or, as Andrew's source succinctly puts it, "Uh, we realize it might be a little bit too late..." but "Please don’t print what we told you."