Send Green Easter Eggs That Will Bloom in June

So, I’m trying to research and report Control’s June 2012 cover story on “process sustainability” during April, and as always I’m in desperate need of help. So, if you or anyone you know might have some expert commentary or end user examples, I would love to hear about them. The main questions I'm trying to cover are below. Please e-mail me at or call (620) 625-1125 or (847) 404-6658 to set up an interview in the next few weeks. Thanks ahead of time for your help.
1. What's the current state of green manufacturing/sustainability in the process control field, and how can users best understand what's happening?
2. How can users find the green manufacturing/sustainability tools that will be most useful to them?
3. What do users to need to learn to begin implementing green manufacturing/sustainability in their process applications, which may not have used them before?
4. What should be on my to-do list to get  green manufacturing/sustainability up and running at my facility?
5. Are there green manufacturing/sustainability practices that are useful across all types of applications, or are there some that are useful only in certain settings?
6. Do you know of any specific examples, case studies, or end users who have adopted green manufacturing/sustainability recently, and could talk to me about their experiences? Are there any photos or other graphics available?
7. Did these users experience any unexpected challenges or pleasant surprises that it would be good for readers to know about?
8. What advice do these users or yourself have for readers about implementing green manufacturing/sustainability?
9. How is the field of green manufacturing/sustainability likely to evolve, and what new tools are likely to become available to users in the future?