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CH2M-Hill. I wonder how many people know what the letters in the name mean? From relatively humble beginnings in Corvallis Oregon, CH2M-Hill has grown to one of the largest engineering and engineering constructor firms in the world.

Personally, I know what the letters mean. I knew nearly all of the founders, and especially Clair Hill, whose house on Court Street in Redding California was the first branch office of the firm. To cut the suspense, the names are Cornell, Howland, Hayes, Merrifield and Hill.

CH2M-Hill has a multi-decade history of innovation in water and wastewater treatment as their founding core.

Now, from the following email from Siemens' Bob Bartels, they've gone into a global partnership that may have very interesting results.

Here's Bob's note:

Siemens has formed a global strategic collaboration agreement with CH2M Hill, a worldwide leader in consulting, design, construction, operations and program management of large-scale projects.

The relationship between the two global companies began last year, when senior automation engineers from CH2M Hill joined more than 150 other guests from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil for Siemens German Business Trip, a special, five-day VIP executive briefing trip timed around the Hannover Fair.

“This partnership brings together the complementary capabilities that both companies can offer to market sectors such as heavy industrial, semiconductor, utilities and oil and gas,” says Scott Macdonald, vice president, industrial sales for Siemens Industry, Inc.  “In addition to collaborating on issues such as sustainability and urbanization, through CH2M Hill, Siemens can effectively deliver our innovative technology that will ultimately help end users be more competitive through efficiency and productivity.”

Siemens German Business Trip is a valuable tool in showcasing the company’s wide portfolio.  Participants are treated to networking and roundtable discussions, best practices, product demonstrations, and factory tours.  Topics include automation, safety and fail-safe PLCs, integrated drive systems, design software and services.

In his report to CH2M Hill’s executive management, senior automation engineering, Steve Blaine, gave Siemens a strong endorsement.  “The argument for Siemens is compelling, as the company’s products are used globally, yet supported at the local level with knowledgeable integrators.”

This year, Siemens plans to host its “Hannover Customer Experience,” featuring networking events, executive workshops and an end user factory tour.  During the 2013 Hannover Fair, Siemens will be showcasing its capabilities as a partner of choice for the entire production process, from product design through production planning and engineering, to production execution and services.