So, who's an expert?

So who's an expert? Sometimes I think the definition of an expert really is "a person at least a day's travel from home." Here, we are trying to make the final tweaks on our Ask the Expert pages at The way the module works is that we have one expert on each thing, and they get all the questions about that topic. Oh, well. Battle plans seldom survive contact with the enemy. So it is here. You see, we got very lucky. I was able to persuade our Uber-Expert, Bela Liptak, to agree to "moderate" the Ask the Expert section of our website. This, as he says, will allow people to stop paying him consulting fees by asking questions on the website. He's gone and roped in most of the contributing authors (including yours truly) of the monumental Instrument Engineer's Handbook, 4th Edition, to assist in answering those questions. This is likely to be a significant new resource for the process automation professional, if we can only figure out how to jigger the software to allow it to happen. Stop by and ask him a question. Comments?