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Over a year ago, I suggested to my friend Joe Lewis, of BlueLevel Technologies, that he should write a book on solids level measurement. "I agreed. Boy did I underestimate what it would require in the way of my time and research, but it is complete."

I forwarded his proposal to Momentum Press, they bought it, and now you can read it. And you should read it, if you ever do anything with measuring the level of solids or powders in your work.

The book is titled Solids Level Measurement and Detection Handbook, and Joe says, "My goal was an unbiased look at this topic and my hope is that you will agree that this was accomplished and that the book will be a service to those dealing with the processing, handling, transportation and storage of powder and bulk solid materials."

I thnk he's done just that.

From the book blurb:

This is a comprehensive reference on state-of-the art level controls and inventory monitoring systems for bulk solid materials. Solids Level Measurement and Detection Handbook features:

 Definitions of standard terms and overview of typical problems and solutions in automated bulk materials handling
 In-depth coverage of Point Level Detection Technology and Instrumentation
 In-depth coverage of Contents Measurement (inventory) using Continuous Level Technology and Instrumentation as well as alternatives

Storing, handling, and processing of bulk solid materials is fundamental to nearly every manufacturing and process industry, from the food industry and agribusiness, to the plastics industry, mining and cement industries, to coal-fired electric utilities. Automating the handling and processing of solids is rapidly growing, but heretofore little has been published on the latest in level measurement sensors and controls used in bulk solids applications. This book is intended to meet that need, with full coverage, from principles of measuring solid bulk materials to controlling their flow and movement to help with choosing the right equipment for specific applications. Nowhere else in the current literature will industrial engineers, controls engineers, maintenance technicians and production personnel find a better resource on current level measurement and detection controls and systems used to automate the handling and process of bulk solid materials.

Joe has the chops to do this. He knows more about measuring the level of powder and bulk solids than anybody else I know. He has over 35 years of experience in the process measurement and control industry. He has served critical roles within engineering, production, sales and marketing areas at such companies as BIF, The Foxboro Company (Invensys), Taylor Instrument (ABB), Monitor Technologies and is currently the Managing Director of BlueLevel Technologies. He has a BS in electrical engineering technology from Roger Williams University and a Masters in Business Administration from Bryant University.

Get the book directly from Momentum Press at or from Amazon.