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For everybody who hates patent trolls, today's refusal by the Roberts court to hear an appeal from Research In Motion on the defective ruling by the trial court judge in the case of Giant Patent Troll NTP and RIM over bogus patents that NTP owns is a travesty. The USPTO (the patent office) has already said that they will find the NTP patents void, they just have to go through the paperwork which will take some months. The trial judge says he isn't going to wait for the PTO to do their job. NO sir! He is going to do their job for them. Meanwhile NTP has crippled RIM. RIM provides a useful (almost critical) service for hundreds of thousands of people in North America (me included). NTP doesn't provide a single useful service that I have been able to discover, except to keep patent trolls employed. NTP sends anonymous comments to bloggers (including this one) who defend RIM, accusing RIM of being a huge, offshore company. If Canada is offshore, I'll eat my passport. Isn't there somewhere a judge with enough intestinal fortitude to issue a stay of judgement pending USPTO review? What do you think?
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  • <p>On the Supremes? Justice Thomas I'd wager, but I'd not expect much from most of the others.</p> <p>Just my $0.02.</p>


  • <p>Of course they aren' is an axiom that this sort of thing guards the rights of patentholders. Huh! Right!</p>


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