The New Boy in Brazil

Whew. It has been a long trip. Flew from Chicago to Houston, met Marcelo Dultra, from Smar, and flew with him to Sao Paulo overnight. We then took a taxi to the domestic airport, and flew to Ribeirao Preto, which is the big town near Smar's factory. Of course, we had to immediately rush out and eat Brazilian barbeque at a churrascaria. It was wonderful. I ate more meat than I eat in a month. No PETA activists there. Marcelo Dultra is a young electrical engineer who is the General Manager of Smar's USA operation in Houston. He is a very sharp guy, and we talked about process automation, sales management, fieldbus and all other kind of stuff almost all the way to Sao Paulo. I am really excited to see Smar's facility. Smar, remember, is the only latin american automation company to have made it in the world market. Their market lead in fieldbus technology (their Smar Research Ltda division makes silicon for lots of other automation companies' fieldbus products) and their R&D budget have made them a powerhouse in Brazil, throughout latin america and in Asia. Smar is well known for pressure transmitters and Foundation Fieldbus, but what is not so well known is their density measurement systems, and the fact that they can do complete control systems as well, with software they private label from Iconics. Tomorrow, I get a plant tour, and a visit to a huge sugar mill that is entirely Fieldbus enabled using Smar techology. Brazil is beautiful in the fall (Southern Hemisphere, yah?) and it is very green. Comments? --Walt Boyes