The Roadmap to Migration

Two years ago, Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of ABB pointed out that over 60% of the market is "brownfield," that is, existing installations. Somebody has those installations in their user base, and it is far more profitable to sell to your existing customers than to go after new "greenfield" business. Honeywell is no fool, either, and Peter Zornio spent a considerable time pointing out that Honeywell has a detailed and well-defined roadmap for migration of TDC/TPS systems to Experion, AND a similar roadmap for migration of competitive DCS systems to Experion as well. We'll be talking in greater detail about this in tomorrow's ControlGlobal Enewsletter special edition from HUG. If you aren't subscribed, go straight to and subscribe to the newsletter. Zornio continued with nuts-and-bolts descriptions of the upgrades, enhancements, and new features of Experion R300, including Windows 2003 server support, a host of OPC updates, and support for Windows Terminal Services. Also included is far better integration with PHD than ever before. Changes to the PHD database propagate automatically through the Experion database, and vice versa.