The Special Edition of ControlGlobal eNews

Our first "electronic show daily" is history. We shipped it out last night to the readership of the ControlGlobal eNews, about 18,000 opt in readers. We're working on the Wednesday evening edition now. There will be articles on migration paths, security and on that uniquely Honeywell institution, the User Input Subcommittee (UIS). The UIS is one of those things that Honeywell does a great job of hiding. I didn't know the whole story about the UIS until I sat down yesterday afternoon with Kerry Sartain of Georgia-Pacific, the co-chair of the subcommittee. You can read why the UIS is unique among user groups, and why, as Kerry said, "Honeywell is the only vendor with guts enough to give their User Group not only power, but authority and dedicated developers and engineers."