Urso Magnifico rides again!

"Next we have a very powerful former engineer who joined the dark side: marketing. The author of 'Pimping Your Refinery,' Jason Urso!" He was introduced by the Max Headroom character, Franz Schwarzenegger who claims to be "Arnold's brother." [there will be a recreation of this part of the blog post-- the blog software has eaten several posts today] In the area of asset effectiveness, Honeywell can improve asset effectiveness with equipment condition management and other technologies via the OneWireless network. Announcing the re-launch of the Honeywell lifecycle documentation product, now called DOC4000. Urso went on to talk about Experion R300. This is a milestone release for us, he said, and it is the most modern platform on the market-- giving you the leverage of investment protection and the longevity you can get from the newest platform. Security has been designed into the Experion R300. The C300 and Series C Connectivity includes Foundation Fieldbus, HART (including HART 6), DeviceNet, ControlNet, Honeywell DE, Profibus, and Modbus. This enables you and Honeywell to select the best control network for the job. Now, Urso said, let's talk about protecting your investment. Our C300 controller has direct integration to the PM I/O family, allowing you to retain your I/O modules and C200. You don't need to migrate or replace your C2o0s, all you have to do is to add a C300 controller. The TDC 2000 and TDC 3000 can be used by replacing one universal station at a time, protecting all your intellectual property in your controllers while taking advantage of all the features of Experion and the C300. We've delivered native experion faceplates, group displays and detail deisplays. You can use one of these Experion stations one node at a time, for common operations across plant or mill. This allows your operators to transition to the world of Experion, one node at a time. The Experion platform will see a new, maintenance release, R301. This is the current release. There are new release-independent features: Series C Remote I/O, and Integrated GI/IS barriers reducing space costs in the cabinet. Release 310 will include a safety manager and C300 Control integration, and a new Series C DISOE, and a new Peer Control Block between C300 and Modbus devices. Our safety and security solutions, Urso said, include mitigation of emergency situations with Fire and Gas Detection and Emergency Shutodown, realtime diagnostics on Safety systems and a common HMI for all systems including F&G and safety systems and the control system. Honeywell safety manager has integrated safety solutions while avoiding common cause faults. These include Safety Manager Software, SIS Health Monitoring, Partial Valve Stroke Testing software, and one of the largest groups of certified functional safety experts in the industry. Where we're really starting to step out, Urso said, from a safety standpoint, is with our fire and gas safety applications, partnering with Honeywell LIfe Safety Division, delivering flame, smoke, toxic gas sensors, and video detection and monitoring, along with camera systems to support investigation and analysis. And all of this, he noted, is being overseen by a common Experion Human Interface. YOu can be assured that a bad situation isn't going to be catastrophic. Teaming with Honeywell Security Division to deliver industrial security solutions, Urso said, is another way Honeywell is stepping out and differentiating. Intrustion Detetion, Radar Surveillance, Integrated Cyber Security, Access Control, Micro Air Vehicle, and the Experion and Enterprise Buildings Integrator. You can share alarms and collaboration between the Experion system and the building automation and industrial safety systems. Our release R130 of safety manager and C300 integration is what you will need to achieve that safe level of coordination. Urso showed a video from Alon USA Big Spring Refinery talking about the Experion and integrating Honeywell Safety Manager for burner management. Alon's integration of Experion and Safety Manager have, according to the Alon managers, provided significant benefits both in control and safety system terms. Big Spring refinery was able to migrate from C200 to C300 in a hot cutover fashion. Alon also deployed XY5000 wireless products, 10 pressure transmitters, with a delta of about $10,000 over wired transmitters, and the system has been robust and reliable. We've added three more transmitters. Urso continued his "tour" in the area of process performance. We've calculated, he said, that over $5 billion in total benefits realized trhough less operator variation, making it easier to operate within process constraints, and increasing throughput while reducing energy costs. Starting with Profit Suite...UniSim integration brings APC online faster. Sustained benefits via improved operator interaction so that the operators don't shut the APC down. There is better performance with enhanced algorithms. We have reliable and cost-effective deployment with legacy systems and superior Experion and now Honeywell DCS support putting ProfitSuite over the top of the "bad situation" non-HW DCS. We are announcing Profit NLC. This is the acquisition from PAS. Batch Automation Capability is available in Experion R300 with faster batch execution, higher reliability redundant controller, ease of use with common engineering tools and operational HMI. The controller running Unit Control Function can run faster than a PLC running batch software, with an 80% reduction in Phaste TransitionTime. Experion Blending and Movement Automation has resulted in$2M in benefits estimated at a particular refinery. The sytem has a new integrated planning, operator execution and reporting system in an integrated Experion operator environment, and you can integrate multiple control systems. Quality Sensors and APC for pulp and paper. Unique quality sensors using fiberoptic technology...introducing new sensors: A new liquor sensor that enables less variation in causticizing, a fier orientation sensor, and a full spectrum IR sensor for thickness layers in multilayer plastics. We have connected all these sensors to APC and have saved over $1 billion in energy costs. Now we're integrating business, quality and process control with a unified Experion interface. Urso showed a video from Catalyst Paper in BC Canada. The next stop on Urso's tour was operator effectiveness. The first step is to get commonality across the plant with your common HMI across the entire Honeywell portfolio...even the safety manager and plant security modules. Next, you need to imrove operator effectiveness wtih ASM graphics and operator training, and better alarm management can lead to 35-48% faster response time. We can help you, Urso said, respond faster, more precisely to abnormal situations. Finally, Honeywell can help you automate your procedures. We have an operator effectiveness vision that can dramatically reduce mointoring and process manipulation through automation, transforming process operators to business operators....someone who has more visibility into the consequences of their actions and how it relates to business operations. The last stop on Urso's tour is business aginlity solutins. Here you can optimize your entire business with our unique designed-for-each-industry business platforms. BusinessFLEX for refining, chemicals, etc., OptiVision for the pulp and paper industry, POMS for the life sciences and specialty chem industries. Honeywell can provide performance, production planning and scheduling managemetn and ERP integration through SAP. Last, we can say that Honeywell's commitment to safety reliability and efficiency is never stronger.