Will it ever end for Louisiana?

Got a letter just now from Bruce Thompson, second generation owner of TECO, Thompson Equipment Company, in Louisiana. To: TECO Customers From: Bruce Thompson, President Date: February 7, 2006 Re: Tornado Damage Last Thursday morning, an F1 tornado with winds up to 112 mph touched down approximately forty (40) yards from our main facility in Greater New Orleans. Many neighboring business facilities were completely destroyed. Dozens of major utility poles were snapped, downing power and communication lines. TECO´s facility and operations were not damaged by the winds. However, one of the FEMA travel trailers behind our main building that housed one of our employees and his wife was flipped. They are fine but for minor cuts and bruises. We are currently fully operational but are experiencing intermittent telephone service to our direct line, (504) 833-6381. If you call this number and hear a busy signal, please use any of the following numbers to reach us, as we are here and ready to assist you: Tara Bilby, Sales Manager 504-838-3959 Robin Cherré, Account Executive 504-228-6381 cell Carl Causey, Account Executive 225-278-5823 cell Johnnie de St Germain, Inside Sales Supervisor 504-838-3924 Michael Jackson, Account Executive 504-838-3932 Thursdy Juneau, Inside Sales 504-838-3929 Rudy Kael, Account Executive 225-329-7997 cell Andre Rog, Pulp and Paper 504-838-3923 Walter Tauzier, Air Dryers 504-417-5482 cell Todd Thompson, Production 504-838-3941 Pamela Vosbein, Inside Sales 504-838-3926 Bobby Winkles, Inside Sales 504-838-3928 After Hours Emergency Support (John Kruse) 504-439-1062 cell Our web site is operational and conveys additional information. www.teco-inc.com If I can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Sincerely yours, Bruce H Thompson 504-388-8602 cell

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