Wireless War: a little schizophrenia here?

Some of the same people sitting in this room wrote WirelessHART-- and now they're arguing that WirelessHART should not be incorporated into ISA100.11a. There has been no clear statement of intent on the part of the SP100 leadership (all of whom are sitting in this room) to state unequivocally, "We will find a way to accommodate WirelessHART in ISA100." Lacking that statement, we are, in the words of Siemens' Ludwig Winkel (who sits on both committees) "lacking the 'willing' to solve the problem." Pat Schweitzer, co-chair of SP100, and representing ExxonMobil, attacked the HART board directly. "You haven't made the marketing case for using HART in process automation except for process variables." He went on to say that he wants devices that work on both networks, by release 2. It isn't clear what his point is... "What I don't want to have happen is what happened with SP50. I want to tell you what that splintering has done with the user community," Schweitzer went on, "we've spent a million bucks and we still haven't installed a single fieldbus segment in ExxonMobil. We continue to hope that we will find a use case. " He continued that he wants an accommodation that will give him the interchangeablity now.