Wurldtech launches cyber database

Over on Unfettered, I posted a note from Bryan Singer of Wurldtech, announcing a new cybersecurity database project called Delphi. Here's what Bryan said:  Wurldtech is launching an applied research project which I think would appeal to folks like yourself. The planned undertaking is the largest study of its kind, examining the cyber security threats and vulnerabilities present in currently deployed control systems.   By leveraging the Achilles platform and technologies from our participating partners unparalleled data on the types, trends, severities and potential impacts of existing control system vulnerabilities will be produced enabling conclusions, such as the most cost-effective mitigation strategies, to be drawn.   The project will provide the participants with an unprecedented level of insight into the robustness of their collective control systems and exacting knowledge for increasing such, with all findings grounded in demonstrable fact.   I’ve attached a one page service brief describing this exciting initiative.  We are signing up 20 partners for this initial round. If you are interested, please let me know soon as the slots are filing up quickly.   Any questions/comments/thoughts can be directed to me or the program lead Mr. Breen Liblong (cc’d on this email).   Best Regards, Bryan L Singer, CISM, CISSP  ...and you can read the rest here.