@Yokogawa introduces new North American COO Chet Mroz #pauto #arc #mfg #manufacturing

In his first public appearance, Chet Mroz conducts the Yokogawa press conference at the ARC conference.

Yokogawa Strategic Directions:

Expand business in traditional Downstream HPI through niche solutions

Vigilant Plant Services, maintenance, etc.

YCA will focus on Upstram O&G market and Midstream Applications and Industries

The developments of shale gas in USA have surpassed Russia as the largest supplier of Natural Gas, which should make the US more attractive for chemical investment due to availability of feedsctock.

Yokogawa will focus on Specialty chem, hybrid industry and new processes based on gas.

YEC/YCA will focus on instrument, analytical and sensor products on global baswis integrated with Process control and existing control systems.

Introducing world's fastest PLC-- FA-M3V Vitesse marketed through integrators, distributors and machine builders. Provides high speed processing and 64bit resolution, fastest, small and light, secure and reliable, and very scalable.

Fast: 3.75 ns whicch is the fastest in the world, based on a comparison of published specifications. It will be priced in the middle to upper end of the PLC price continuum.

One board design. Mroz held up a cigarette pack sized box and said that it was the entire PLC, not just the I/O.

World's first PLC with error checking security functions.

Already used in FPSO situations for energy management applications.

Mroz introduced Combustion One. A combustion processes operating environment. This represents a tremendous opportunity for energy savings. Combustion processes represent the largest safety risk during startup and shut down.

What is CombustionONE?

Integrated solution for customer's combustion systems (fired heaters, thermal oxidizers, etc.)

Key is the TruePeak TDL (tunablediode laser) which provides the primary signal for the control system.