Invitation to Join an Expanded ISA Mentor Program

The ISA Mentor Program, started by Greg McMillan and Hunter Vegas in 2011, is extending its invitation to prospective protégés/protégées and resources to include any engineer or technician currently employed in a plant or at an engineering center or supplier of services that is applying or maintaining process control systems.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Gregory K McMillan at You will need to send your job title and the name of the company you are currently working for, the number of years of industry experience and whether you want to be considered as a protégé/protégée (asking questions) or a resource (answering questions).

ISA's Mentor Program enables young professionals to access the wisdom and expertise of seasoned ISA members, and offers veteran ISA professionals the chance to share their wisdom and make a difference in someone's career. A mentor can give a young professional guidance in his or her career. ISA's Mentor Program is an online program, so there are no meetings to attend and there is no travel. ISA Members from all over the world can participate, and the relationship can develop and progress at the convenience of the mentors and protégés/protégées. There is no cost or fee for participation.

Protégés/protégées must have at least one year of industry experience and be currently employed working on the application or maintenance of process control systems. Resources must have at least 10 years of industry experience and can be retired. As a protégé/protégée and resource you are expected to ask and answer, respectively, at least one generic question each year on using and applying process control. The questions and answers will be sent to Greg McMillan at  The questions and answer must be not vendor/supplier specific and not disclose the process, type, location, tag names, and operating conditions.

Greg and Hunter can help make the questions generic enough to be considered as non-proprietary. The answers will come from directly from the program resources or specialists that they contact. The question and answers will be first shared with ISA Mentor Program participants and then posted on ISA Interchange website by Greg.

Program participants will also be asked to be featured in either InTech articles such as “Enabling new automation engineers” or Control Talk columns such as “How to effectively get engineering knowledge.” The first 20 new protégés/protégées accepted into the program will receive a complimentary copy of 101 Tips for a Successful Automation Career. Protégés/protégées who submit at least two generic questions will also receive a complimentary copy of Good Tuning: A Pocket Guide, Fourth Edition.

The program has just expanded this month to include 4 new protégés and protégées Sumiti Lamichhane, Kenny Marks, Lakelyn McIntyre and Misbah Syed to join the previous list of protégés and protégées; Abu Bakar Bahtiar, Flavio Briquente, Sridhar Dasani, Brian Hartman, Danaca Jordan, Muhammad Khalifah, Jimmy Nugyen, Mahhawa Somasiri, Bill Thomas, Héctor Torres, Bello Yahaya, and Keneisha Williams. We are also fortunate to have Nick Sands as an outstanding new resource to join the founders Greg McMillan and Hunter Vegas and existing resources of Brian Hrankowsky, Leah Ruder, and Michel Ruel.