pH and Temperature Measurement and Control Tips

Here is an opportunity to learn how to improve pH and temperature control systems and support ISA as well. Registrants for these web seminars receive a free copy of the respective book and free follow-up answers to questions that can be shared with ISA Mentor Program participants. You can share the opportunity with friends and relatives since there is no additional cost for other people who can see your computer screen.

You get all of this for the cost of a couple of tickets to an NHL game.  Wait I shouldn’t have mentioned this comparison because most would rather go to hockey game. But then on the other hand if people choose the hockey game, I will save money because the cost of the books is out of my own pocket and the ISA Honorarium is modest.  

I will try to provide fast paced excitement but fights and penalty box time will be relegated to cartoons. If you want to quickly learn stuff you will get nowhere else and want to make me pay for my generosity, register for the ISAWebinars pH Control Solutions (Feb 12) and Temperature Control Solutions (Feb 19).

Free copies of the books Advanced pH Measurement and Control and Advanced Temperature Measurement and Control are limited to the first 20 registrants of these ISA Webinars. These registrants can choose which of these books to receive.

Questions can be submitted to me by email from attendees for up to 2 months after my ISA Webinars. The questions must not involve proprietary information and must be suitable for sharing with the ISA Mentor Program participants