Tech Help Needed

In case you’ve been living in a hole somewhere or still are in shock from the outcome of last Sunday’s Big Game, you should know that the northeastern half of the country has been hammered with snow since the first of the year (and in some cases before then). For those of us living in that quadrant, we’re all so-o-o-o over it. Way over. And for once, we Chicagoans can’t even whine the loudest because New England has had it worse—much worse.

We’re so over it that the tech community in Chicago is coming together to issue a plea. Put your propeller hats on, people. Help us figure a way to get rid of all this snow. Kickstarter may even get involved.

Come one, process automation people. We’re on the cutting edge of technology here. We got our wireless sensors. We got our Internet of Things. We got our closed-loop control algorithms. There’s got to be a way to cope with this.