Automation Standards Listings

How often does each of us wonder “is there a standard for that?” I know practically every project that I work on is driven by standards – either project specific and most often related to another standard from a standard developing organisation such as ISA or the IEC. I have recently been the recipient of a number of links and other bits of information with comprehensive lists of standards that might be of use to all of you.

The following link is to a document by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers that has 18 different organisations listed including links to the referenced documents themselves. This list was published in the latter part of 2010 so is quite current.
Walter Driedger  has prepared a similar list and was kind enough to share it with me so that I can pass it along to all of you as the attachment to this post. Thank you for all your good work Walter.

Ron A. Hulsebos is well known for his extensive listing of links to would you believe 362 systems of buses and associated support organisations at which according to his website is from around 2008.

I am off to the ARC Forum for one day next week so will post something about that when I return.