FF Training Certification

Just completed the first day of the FF Certified Training Center audit here at SAIT with Denise Lloyd from the Fieldbus Foundation and we are almost complete part 1 of 3 in the process. Day 1 was spent reviewing the course curriculum content against the criteria as defined in the Fieldbus specification FF-859 defining the topics that need to be covered in the course with the required depth of knowledge in each subject area. As expected, a few minor revisions were required, so after an evening in the hotel room making the changes to the course I will have to update some of the laboratory material when I get home to demonstrate the theory of the lectures with some reinforcing hands on activities.

Second part will begin today, certifying the instructor which means demonstrating to Denise that I understand all the concepts in the 3 types of Certified training courses well enough so I can explain them to her and of course the students when presenting the materials.

The third and final part will be to confirm that the equipment we have in the lab here at SAIT is sufficient and suitable for the students to get an understanding of Fieldbus and its workings. Our target is to have the full audit complete by the end of the week so we can obtain our certificates in early June for training http://www.sait-training-solutions.com/programs/foundation-professional.html scheduled in one month. So far so good.